John V Pickstone

John V Pickstone

A Brief History of Medical History

Article on the Making History web site, by John A. Pickstone, Wellcome Research Professor at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine, University of Manchester


The Cambridge History of Medicine. Roy Porter, Ed.

... emphasizes the crucial developments of the past 150 years, but also examines classical, medieval, and Islamic and East Asian medicine. Authoritative and accessible, ... for readers wanting a lively and informative introduction to medical history. Roy Porter is professor of the social history of medicine at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Science.


The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine. Roy Porter, Ed.

This is an earlier edition of above, at a considerable discount. Hey, history doesn't change that fast.


The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity (The Norton History of Science). Roy Porter.

Roy Porter again. A yet earlier tome, single author. 
"To combine enormous knowledge with a delightful style and a highly idiosyncratic point of view is Roy Porter's special gift, and it makes [this] book . . . alive and fascinating and provocative on every page."―Oliver Sacks, M.D. [Samuel Johnson once called the medical profession "the greatest benefit to mankind."]


The Oxford Handbook of the History of Medicine. Mark Jackson.

"Bringing together over thirty international scholars, this handbook provides a constructive overview of the current state of these debates, and offers new directions for future scholarship."


Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine. WF Bynum, roy Porter, eds.

Alert: this is a two volume edition—so look before you buy, as only one my be on offer. This is the gold standard for a collection of essays on diverse aspects of the history of medicine and invaluable bibliographies.


The History of Medicine: A Very Short Introduction. William Bynum.

William Bynum was Roy Porter's co-editor on Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine, and colleague at the University College London, a major academic site in History of Medicine. 


Doctors: The Illustrated History of Medical Pioneers/ Sherwin Nuland.

"Ranging from the legendary father of medicine, Hippocrates, to Helen Taussig, the founder of pediatric cardiology, the book is filled with the spirit of ideas and the thrill of discovery. Other medical pioneers profiled include Galen, Andreas Vesalius, Ambroise Paré, William Harvey, Giovanni Morgagni, John Hunter, René Laennec, Ignac Semmelweis, Rudolf Virchow, Joseph Lister, and William Stewart Halsted."


Medicine: A Treasury of Art and Literature Hardcover.  Ann G. Carmichael, Richard M. Ratzan.

This is a gorgeous book, rich in illustrations. Being from 1991, it is now available at a bargain, making it a great value.


Medicine: An Illustrated History Hardcover. Albert S. Lyons, R. Joseph Petrucelli.

This is another lavishly illustrated history available for not much. Published 1997.


Medicine: The Definitive Illustrated History Hardcover. DK 

"Follow the gory pitfalls and the miraculous breakthroughs of medical history from trepanning, bloodletting, and body snatching to the latest developments in IVF and gene therapy. Clear diagrams explain major diseases, such as cancer, and"


Kill or Cure: An Illustrated History of Medicine 1st Edition. Steve Parker.

A different edition from DK. "Telling the compelling stories behind mankind's never-ending quest to cure every disease, Kill or Cure uses an all-new format — a text-rich narrative combined with DK's beautiful visual design — to trace the extraordinary history of medicine."


The Medical Book: From Witch Doctors to Robot Surgeons, 250 Milestones in the History of Medicine. Clifford A. Pickover.

"Following his hugely successful The Math Book and The Physics Book, Clifford Pickover now chronicles the advancement of medicine in 250 entertaining, illustrated landmark events."