Organization of American Historians: Magazine #25: Medicine

Doctoring the Past, by Kevin B. Byrne

"Over the course of U.S. history, from colonial times to the present, few if any fields have experienced more revolutionary changes than have medicine and health care. The apothecary shop pictured on the cover of this issue bears scant resemblance to the pharmacy of today and gives little hint of the emergence of the pharmaceutical and health care industries of the twenty-first century. In its day, of course, it may well have been a state-of-the-art facility. Elements of continuity between past and present also exist–midwives continue to practice, for example, although in much reduced proportions compared to the colonial experience related in Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s A Midwife’s Tale– but the predominant story especially over the past century and a half has been one of change over time." Read more >

Introduction. Kathleen W. Jones and Jonathon Erlen. Read online >

Bodies of Evidence. Nancy Tomes. Read online >
Black Health on the Plantation: Owners, the Enslaved, and Physicians. Todd L. Savitt. Read online >
Military Medical History: The American Civil War. Dale C. Smith. Read online >
Experimentation on Human Beings. Susan Lederer. Read online >
As Patients and Healers: The History of Women and Medicine. Charlotte G. Borst and Kathleen W. Jones. Read online >
Teaching the History of Public Health and Health Reform. Susan L. Smith Read online >

teaching resources
Negotiating the Health of the Public: Yellow Fever in 1793 Philadelphia. Janet A. Tighe. Read online >
“Slavery As It Is:” Medicine and Slaves of the Plantation South. David McBride. Read online >
Civil War Medicine: Approaches for Teaching. Michael A. Flannery. Read online >
Who is the Nurse? Rethinking the History of Gender and Medicine. Cynthia Connolly and Naomi Rogers. Read online >
Atomic Guinea Pigs? Cold War Human Radiation Experiments. David Jones. Read online >
Polio and Historical Inquiry. Karen L. Wellner. Read online >
History of Medicine Resources on the Internet. Jonathon Erlen. Read online >

teaching with documents from the gilder lehrman collection
“A Simple and Effectual Remedy” for St. Anthony’s Fire and Whooping Cough in the Late Eighteenth Century. Justine Ahlstrom. Read online >
National Park Service Historic Sites: Medicine. Read online >

special online feature: personal profile
Dr. John Henry Jordan: Pioneer African American Physician, [PDF].  Karen Jordan