International Society for the History of Medicine: XXII, No.1, 2016: Proceedings of A Tribute to Andreas Vesalius Padua, Italy - December 2015

Guest Editorial – p.3 Giorgio Zanchin
Foreword – p.6 Robrecht Van Hee
Editor’s note – p.7 Kenneth Collins
The Influence of Vesalius’ Fabrica on Surgery in the 16th & 17th century – p.8 Robrecht Van Hee
Copies of Vesalius’ De Humani Corporis Fabrica in the USA – p.29 Stephen N. Joffe, Veronica Buchanan
Vesalius: His Presence in New Spain – p.43 Carlos Viesca, Ramos R. Mariblanca
Vesalius’ legacy: The Tabulae pictae of Girolamo Fabrici d’ Acquapendente – p.63 Giorgio Zanchin
Vesalius, Röntgen and the origins of Modern Anatomy – p.79 Adrian M. K. Thomas
Neuroimaging Five Hundred Years Later – p.92 Giuseppe Rolma
Andreas Vesalius and his hoaxes, con variazioni – p.103 Theo Dirix
Visualizing Vesalius – p.112 Alfredo Musajo-Somma
The Art of Vesalius: The continuing influence of De Humani Corporis Fabrica on Art – p.125 Pascale Pollier
Cover Page: Portrait of Vesalius by Anonymous, oil on canvas. Courtesy of Padua University